the once-ler's terrifying ad face


Nice j just keep smiling

well that’s really all I can do so 

I’ll just keep doing that

Haha got a point there

you bet your tits I do

You're so gorgeous.

I know

Hey if you can makeup money off of it then you are doing just fine lol

well I’m not really making money

I’m a billboard

I don’t really need it

AWWE I thought all u could do was smile and know you are laughing at grilled humming, roasted swammy swan, And Barbacued barbaloot right right

laughing at the animals and getting people to buy thneeds is basically all I do

Why would you laugh at dying animals??

it’s fuckin hilarious

Haha keep calm and keep smiling I guess is what you live by

keep calm more like laugh at all the dying animals

Do u ever quit smiling its freaking me out lol


it hurts soo much